To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 2 – The Dragon’s Daughter


Schaal’s father, John William Bancroft, is a good man that runs an orphanage. He is asked to go off to war to join the Incarnates, and accepts under the condition that his children and the people in his village are cared for. After the war, John Bancroft returns home – as a dragon. He is seemingly unable to return to his human form. Despite this, he is welcomed by his children and the village. However, he soon begins to lose his soul and starts slaughtering the local livestock. For fear of their safety, the villagers demand that the children of the orphanage leave with them. One night, Schaal witnesses Hank execute her father. She begins to follow him, intent on punishing him for slaying John. Schaal eventually discovers Hank and attempts to kill him. It is then that Danny, another former Incarnate, arrives and reveals he has been killing innocent people and stealing their belongings to provide for his mother. After a brief skirmish, Hank kills Danny. Schaal decides to travel with Hank and see for herself why her father had to die.

I thought this episode was okay. It was certainly slow, and I felt that some of the background information about John and Schaal wasn’t entirely necessary, but it was still entertaining to watch. I didn’t really understand why John was stuck in his dragon form, and unable to become human again. This hasn’t been the case with any of the Incarnates we’ve encountered thus far, but perhaps it will be explained later in the series. I was also somewhat disappointed that Hank’s confrontation with Danny ended so quickly, and without much action. This felt like an excuse to not animate a fight scene, which would be strange for MAPPA. There is an interesting correlation between the Incarnates and real-life veterans who are neglected and forgotten about after their time at war. Despite this episode being a step down from the first, I’m still intrigued with To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts and I’m excited to see where it goes now that Schaal and Hank are traveling together.

Total Score: 2/5 (It was okay)


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  1. dash says:

    i wonder if maybe for him the experiment (dose, whatever it was) advanced quickly. he seems to be the oldest of the bunch so maybe it has to do with bodily defenses? or maybe it’s to do with the strain on the body. since a dragon body is nothing like the human one? HMMM


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