Hunter x Hunter Episode 6 – A x Surprising x Challenge


The examiners for the second phase of the Hunter exam are Menchi and Buhara, self-titled Gourmet Hunters. The test requires pork, so the candidates make their way into a nearby forest to hunt the pigs that dwell there. The Hunter hopefuls are surprised to learn that the pigs are carnivorous and aggressive, and are able to succeed only through the advice given by Gon. Upon tasting the candidates’ food, Menchi fails every single one of them. Chairman Netero of the Hunter Selection Committee arrives to correct Menchi’s rash decision, and a new test is given to the contestants – with Menchi herself to participate. The trial involves stealing and boiling spider eagle eggs, which can only be found on Mt. Split-in-Half. The act of retrieving the eggs is too difficult for some to accomplish and, in the end, less than 50 Hunter candidates are left.

I liked this episode. I have to say that I am a bit unsatisfied with the tests involved with the Hunter Exam thus far, but I expect them to get harder and more intense as the candidates progress. I thought that having this second phase based around cooking was somewhat silly, though it was entertaining to watch. Chairman Netero seems like an interesting individual, and I really like the character design for him. Once again I must mention the background music, as it completely breaks my immersion at times. Who decided that this silly, carnival-esque nonsense was a good idea? Regardless, this was another episode that left me wanting to see what comes next.

Total Score: 3/5 (I liked it)


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