Astra Lost in Space Episode 1 – Planet Camp

Aries prepares to leave for camp on Planet McPa, where she will spend five days with other students. After a thief attempts to steal Aries’ bag at the spaceport, she meets Kanata – one of the students going to Planet McPa. All of the students embarking on the journey to McPa are gathered and, after brief introductions, board the ship that will take them to Planet McPa. Kanata remembers his teacher and mentor that died tragically during a camping trip, and how he was unable to save the man that meant so much to him. Immediately after reaching Planet McPa, the students encounter a strange phenomenon that engulfs them and leaves them stranded, floating aimlessly in space. The students manage to regroup aboard a derelict spaceship, where they discover that they’ve somehow been transported 5,012 light years away. After a brief moment of panic, the group determines to band together and find their way home. Following a scheme to hop planets that are close together, hoping to find supplies at each stop, they set out for their first destination: Vilavurs.

I really liked this episode. I was concerned at the beginning, as I really did not care for Aries’ personality. I still don’t like it very much. I’ve never been a fan of the dumb, oblivious characters, and I’m hoping that she will evolve and grow over time. I love space and science fiction, so Astra Lost in Space is certainly right up my alley. The art and animation are great, and all of the visuals are amazing thus far. There were a lot of questions introduced here, and I’m really excited to find out the answers. Overall, this was a great start and definitely exceeded my expectations.

Total Score: 4/5 (I really liked it)


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