Hunter x Hunter Episode 5 – Hisoka x is x Sneaky

Many of the Hunter contestants are killed or incapacitated by creatures that live in the Swindlers’ Swamp. Hisoka is challenged by a group of participants, but deals with them easily before being confronted by Leorio. Gon arrives just as Hisoka defeats Leorio, and manages to save his friend by drawing the magician’s attention. Hisoka declares that Gon and Leorio passed his test, and communicates with an unknown person that has knowledge of the Hunter exam. Gon realizes that he has felt fear for the first time, and the contestants that remain prepare for the second phase of the exam.

I loved this episode. The creatures that inhabit the Swindlers’ Swamp were awesome, and it was cool that we got to see several of them in action. I really enjoyed the encounter between Hisoka and Leorio and Gon. The magician really intrigues me, and now I’m even more interested in his character. Not only is he incredibly powerful, but he is also harboring some kind of secret as well. I would have to say that I like Hisoka more than our main protagonists at this point, but that could easily change in the future. Overall, this episode was refreshing after the last one; plenty of action as well as character development. Unfortunately, the background music continues to be odd and annoying at times, but that is really my only consistent complaint about Hunter x Hunter thus far.

Total Score: 5/5 (I loved it)


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