Hunter x Hunter Episode 3 – Rivals x For x Survival

Gon, Kurapika and Leorio arrive in Zaban City and discover a small restaurant that is actually the front for the Hunter exam venue. The three are led to a back room that turns out to be an elevator, and are transported 100 floors underground. Arriving in a vast subterranean space, the trio is introduced to the other Hunter participants and are each given a number. Individuals of all shapes, sizes, and skill-sets are present to test their mettle. An examiner named Satotz instructs the participants to follow him, without divulging any further information, and thus the first phase of the Hunter exam is underway.

I enjoyed this episode. It was very cool to see the different individuals participating in the Hunter exam. I thought that using a different perspective to introduce the important characters was clever, as it gave us the opportunity to meet each of them in an organic fashion. I am intrigued by Hisoka, the magician, and am interested to see what part he plays in the overall story. The only complaint I have for this episode is that, thus far, the tests haven’t been very exciting to watch. I’m hoping that, going forward, they become more intense and engaging. Also, my only real complaint about Hunter x Hunter as a whole is that sometimes the background music is weird and doesn’t quite fit with the visuals. I’m excited to see what comes next.

Total Score: 3/5 (I liked it)


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