Fairy Gone Episode 5 – Black Moon and Lost Child’s Song

In the past, Veronica had attempted to assassinate Ray Dawn – the man responsible for the destruction of her village – and failed. Presently, Veronica squares off against Jonathan and manages to win the fight. Free narrowly defeats Patricia, and he is rewarded with the page from the Black Fairy Tome. Veronica warns Marlya not to look for her anymore and leaves. Free and Marlya return to the Dorothea headquarters, where the entire organization throws a celebratory party for their newest member.

Easily the worst episode thus far in terms of fight sequences, dialogue, and plot progression. We are bombarded with flashbacks at the beginning of the episode, with rapid changes of both time and location for no apparent reason. The battle between Jonathan and Vera was incredibly boring to watch and – you guessed it – Jonathan’s Fairy is visually ugly and brown. On top of that, I’m not entirely sure what his Fairy’s power even was, let alone how Jonathan happened to get inside of his Fairy at some point. The confrontation between Free and Patricia was equally mundane. Free tells Patricia to take the page of the Black Fairy Tome and is surprised when she flees, and then she decides to randomly give it back… I mean this is just absolutely bizarre. After all of the nonsense action, we are treated to a scene of Dorothea members that we know nothing about partaking in absolutely meaningless conversation. I am officially dropping Fairy Gone.

Total Score: 1/5 (I didn’t like it)


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  1. Lynn says:

    I can’t help but laugh. You’ve noted all the things that were driving me nuts watching this show. There are a couple of good moments to come but nothing worth hanging around for. It really is terribly paced with next to no plot and packed full of boring characters that it’s impossible to connect with. You’ve probably made the right choice.

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    1. Celestian says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad I’m not missing anything. I could potentially handle finishing the season if it at least looked good, but the Fairies are so ugly and the action is so dull! Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

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      1. Lynn says:

        Yeah, there really doesn’t seem to be any stakes in the fights and the action is so dark or in your face that you can’t see most of it, but then I noticed you mentioned that in one of your earlier posts. It really was an infuriating series with so much missed potential for me.

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      2. Celestian says:

        I agree on all points. It’s disappointing, because I actually really liked Sirius and I was hoping that Fairy Gone would be just as good.

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