Fairy Gone Episode 4 – Impatient Housekeeper and Selfish Artist

Free ends up winning the fight with Sweetie, with the help of Marlya and her Fairy. Patricia and Jonathan – friends of Sweetie – steal the Black Fairy Tome from Free and a chase through the city ensues. Free and Marlya pursue the thieves into the catacombs beneath an abandoned church, where they are ambushed. As Jonathan is about to finish off the wounded Marlya, Veronica crashes through the stained-glass window to protect her childhood friend.

Once again, another mediocre episode for Fairy Gone. The flashbacks have really gotten out of hand, as this episode layered them upon one another. The fight scene between Free and Sweetie and their Fairies looked really bad. It was extremely dark and nearly impossible to decipher what was even happening. The Fairies honestly might as well not even exist because the fights between them are so bewildering. The plot, or lack thereof, leaves a lot to be desired. This entire episode revolved around the page from the Black Fairy Tome – which we know to be fake! There is no suspense and there is nothing at stake because we – the viewers – have information that the protagonists do not. This doesn’t make for a very compelling narrative. Overall, another disappointing episode. I’m hoping things start to improve soon, or I may be dropping Fairy Gone altogether.

Total Score: 2/5 (It was okay)


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