Boogiepop Never Laughs Episode 9: VS Imaginator 6


The final episode in the Imaginator arc begins with Masaki desperately trying to determine where Orihata is. He checks her home, and finds it empty and in disarray. After declaring his love for her over the phone, Orihata tells Masaki to forget about her and leave her alone. Suema visits Kinukawa in the hospital after Nagi neutralizes her brainwashing. Kinukawa tells Suema about her last memory – entering Paisley Park – and how much she wishes to see Jin again. Both Suema and Masaki, unaware of each other, rush towards Paisley Park as the Imaginator prepares to initiate his plans for Orihata.


Masaki reaches the park and is assaulted by Jin’s thugs, all of whom are strangely wearing various costumes. Just as the brainwashed minions are about to inject Masaki with some solution, Boogiepop appears. She vanquishes the costumed villains quickly and effortlessly, and reveals to Masaki that he’s been brainwashed by Orihata the entire time. Boogiepop then appears in the room occupied by Jin and Orihata, and puts an end to the Imaginator’s plans. The one thing Jin neglected to realize was that Orihata, the center around which his entire plan revolved, wasn’t human and thus coudn’t be affected by his power. The Imaginator leaves Jin and knocks him from the top of the tower, but he is quickly rescued by Boogiepop. The Imaginator then appears before Masaki before vanishing for good. The episode ends with Orihata, Masaki, and Nagi in the courtyard of Paisley Park.

I’m going to be honest: I neglected to summarize a lot of dialogue for this episode. There is a ton of exposition and info-dumping going on here, and most of it is incoherent and somewhat confusing. At one point, Boogiepop tells Orihata that Jin misunderstood his power and that is why his plan would never succeed. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure I know what his plan was because Jin never seemed to be sure of it either. Another frustrating thing is that a lot of the action – something sorely missing in this anime – is basically glossed over in favor of more dialogue. The most bizarre point of this episode was when Boogiepop declared that she wasn’t even planning on interfering with The Imaginator’s plans at all. Isn’t that kind of her purpose? I am hoping the next arc will be better, but at this point I’ve lost what little hope I had left.

Score: 2/5 (I didn’t like it)


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