Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 6: Wish Upon a Star


The sixth episode of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka begins with a glimpse of Mia discussing her next mission that will bring her to Japan, and her excitement to potentially see War Nurse and Rapture. Asuka helps a blonde tourist find her way around town, and attends a study party with her group of friends. The four of them – Asuka, Kurumi, Nozomi, and Sayako – decide to go to the Tanabata festival in the shopping district. Meanwhile, Mia and the CIA investigate the disappearance of Jerome Greenburg, brother of the man whom they witnessed being crushed inside a magical cube in Mexico. The CIA had sent a drone to look into Jerome’s room and saw him, too, embedded inside a similar magical cube. Mia surmises that a powerful, illegal Magical Girl or a magical mercenary must be involved in both cases. Asuka and friends run into members of the M Squad, who claim that Likzuka gave them leave to go to the festival and have a good time.


During the festival, Sayako laments that there’s been so much violence lately, and how she feels like it’s the end of the world. She recounts how she felt during the Distonian War, how hopeless it was and how everyone was sure that it was truly the end. Through this conversation, we learn that the Disas wanted to use humans as an energy source. Asuka spends some time by herself at the festival, and runs into the blonde tourist once again. Mia and the CIA agents converge on the apartment complex. We see a picture of Jerome’s secretary, who appears to be Abigail. Mia transforms into Magical Girl Just Cause, and the team enters Jerome’s apartment. They immediately find what’s left of him compacted into a magical cube, and surmise that whoever killed Jerome wanted the CIA to find the remains. “He who laughs last, laughs best” is scrawled on the bathroom mirror – the Magical Girls’ motto. The group is then attacked by a magical mercenary by the name of Crescent Moon Sandino – the blonde tourist that Asuka encountered twice already.


The battle between Crescent Moon Sandino and Magical Girl Just Cause is frenzied and violent. The magical mercenary reveals that her family was killed in Colombia during a US bombing raid against the Disas, and she views her terrorist acts as vengeance for their deaths. The two CIA agents move to flank the enemy and encounter a Voorhees-class Disas monster in the hallway. Specially equipped to fight magically, the agents manage to dispatch it quickly. With Just Cause distracting Sandino, the CIA agents are able to cause an explosion which plummets the mercenary into the basement of the building and nearly buries her in debris. Before Sandino can draw her last breath, Mia informs her that her parents were killed by a terrorist bomb, and callously puts the final bullet into the mercenary. The CIA suspects the Babel Brigade of hiring Sandino, but Mia points out that only one of the Magical Girls would know of their motto.

While some of this episode felt like filler, the majority of it was important and exciting. Even the scenes at the festival were meaningful, as the characters discussed their feelings about the world and events, as well as their fears and hopes. It was really awesome to see Mia again, and she has quickly become my favorite Magical Girl thus far. Two of her scenes stand out as being especially awesome: when Sandino is monologuing and Mia shouts at her to ‘stop talking’ before shooting at her, and when Mia finishes her off without mercy. A lot of media will shy away from showing protagonists callously killing villains, and it’s refreshing to see that bad people get what they deserve here. While overall not as good as the previous couple episodes, this one was still great.

Score: 4/5 (I liked it)


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