The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 5: Filo


The fifth episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero begins with our first look at the Queen of Melromarc. She has discovered what the King and her daughter – Malty – have been up to, and is apparently displeased with the way that the Shield Hero has been treated. The King, once again, tries to rob Naofumi of his rightful monetary reward, but is surprised when the Sword and Bow Heroes stand up for Naofumi and demand that he be treated fairly.


Naofumi and Raphtalia go back to the slave trader so that Raphtalia can get another slave mark, as a symbol of Naofumi’s faith in her. While there, Naofumi purchases a monster egg that has the chance of hatching into a dragon or a filolial – both of which worth a considerable amount of money. Naofumi then receives a book of medicine recipes from the herbalist shopkeeper as a reward for saving his relatives in Lute Village. Unfortunately, Naofumi can’t yet read the language of the world. Naofumi is then gifted a magical grimoire full of powerful spells from the old woman at the magic shop, another reward for saving the residents of Lute Village. Raphtalia and Naofumi stay the night in Lute Village, and the egg hatches into a baby filolial.


Naofumi decides to name the new companion Filo, and we then get a montage of the filolial growing in appearance and power over the course of the next two days. The knights show up in Lute Village, Malty and the Spear Hero leading them. Malty claims that, due to his heroics during the last Wave, Motoyasu has been appointed ruling lord of the region. Malty also declares that a hefty toll will be levied upon the village, one that the residents couldn’t possibly hope to pay. Naofumi and Raphtalia oppose this decision. It is then that messengers of the Queen arrive to deliver a personal message to Malty. It is determined that the rule of Lute Village will be decided by a race between Naofumi and Motoyasu.


Malty is up to her same old tricks, and employs magic to cheat during the race to give Motoyasu the upper hand. Despite her best efforts, Naofumi and Filo win in the end. Filo evolves once again, becoming a gigantic creature. Malty accuses Naofumi of cheating because Filo wasn’t all that it appeared, and the Shield Hero points out that Malty used magic to cheat again. During this conversation, the Queen’s messengers appear out of nowhere to confirm that Malty cheated and that Naofumi was the rightful victor. Malty and the Spear Hero leave, disgraced, while the denizens of Lute Village grant Naofumi and company a wagon with which to travel.


Naofumi and his friends stop for the night and make camp, talking about using the wagon as a traveling business while they’re improving their skills. They go to sleep for the night, and awake to quite the surprise – Filo has evolved again, and this time into a demi-human!

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed with this episode. The plot and drama had really been ramping up the past few weeks, and this just felt like filler. There were a few developments, but the majority of this episode was just dull. I wasn’t a fan of the race sequence at all and found it to be quite boring. I’m also discovering that Malty is a very one-dimensional character, with no real motivation behind her hatred for Naofumi. While I should have seen it coming, I was surprised when Filo turned into a demi-human. I foresee this becoming an annoying love-triangle of sorts, and I’m hoping that it doesn’t detract from the overarching plot of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Score: 2/5 (I didn’t like it)



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