Boogiepop Never Laughs Episode 6: VS Imaginator 3


The sixth episode of Boogiepop Never Laughs begins with Orihata confronted by Spooky E. He throttles her and reminds her of her responsibility, which seems to be discovering information about Boogiepop. Maskai sees Orihata in danger, and rushes to protect her. Over the course of the fight it is confirmed that Spooky E isn’t human, and it is inferred that the enemy of the Towa Organization is something called the MPLS. The fight ends with Spooky E using his powerful electric abilities to incapacitate Masaki, who later wakes up with no memory of anything that transpired.


We are introduced to a new character named Kinukawa. She identifies herself to Suema as the cousin of Jin, who we know to be the Imaginator, and asks for her aid in helping him. Suema proceeds to sneak into Jin’s office, where she witnesses the Imaginator using his abilities to change two of her classmates. Jin convinces the two girls to accept his power, claiming that everyone else has already. As they leave, the two talk of their lack of fear and their willingness to change the world for Jin.


We are shown a scene in which Anou, fulfilling the instructions given him by Spooky E, joins the school that all of the other characters attend. He weeps, feeling as though he lost something that he can’t remember. Later, Suema encounters Orihata on the rooftop. It is evident that Orihata is going to jump and she reveals as much to Suema, claiming that she doesn’t want to live anymore. During the conversation wherein Suema convinces Orihata not to commit suicide, we are shown flashbacks of Orihata persuading Masaki to become Boogiepop. The episode concludes with Suema telling Orihata that she should not give up and that she should always fight, even if that means fighting against Boogiepop.


I am so torn about Boogiepop Never Laughs. The concept and overall story are quite interesting, but the episodes themselves are often incredibly dull. Suema’s conversations with Kinukawa and Orihata felt extremely long and drawn out. The exposition is also poorly done and, in many cases, feels contrived. There is a scene where Suema looks at the painting of snow falling in April (pictured above) and declares, “I feel as though whoever painted this doesn’t like people like me”. Why would she feel that way, given the subject matter of the painting? This is just an example, but there are many more cases throughout.  This episode was better than the previous two, but overall I still feel disappointed by Boogiepop Never Laughs.

Score: 2/5 (I didn’t like it)


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